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Itzablazt 3 in 1 Laucher

Item #: 221010

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Water Sports Itzablazt 3-in-1 Water and Foam Gun Combo Set is the ultimate battle toy for water sports fun. Created with year-round fun in mind, we have taken our Stream Machine water gun and redesigned it for more diverse activities. By simply changing the nozzle you can launch water to soak your opponent or attach a foam ball or rocket for a fun and safe alternative for the chillier months. Shooting up to 70-feet, the Itzablazt is nothing short of a blast! This toy package comes with a water launcher. Each pack contains (1) Itzablazt, (1) ball launcher kit and (1) rocket launcher kit.

Product Size: Unknown

Package Size: Unknown

Package Type: Blistercard

Bilingual Packaging: No

Pegable: Yes

Shelvable: Yes

Display Type: None

Battery Type: None

Age Group: 6+

Master Qty: 4

Inner Qty: 0

UPC Code: 755786800329

UPC Code on Product: Yes

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