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ZipStix - Mega Pack

ZipStix - Mega Pack

Item #: 189128

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Includes: 6 ZipStix, 2 Launchers, 6 Crash Cones, 1 Kicker Ramp and 1 Quarter Pipe Ramp. Mega Pack gives you more of everything and introduces the Quarter Pipe for unbelievable sick tricks. A full window box showcases hot graphics and the full assortment.

Product Size: Unknown

Package Size: Unknown

Package Type: None

Bilingual Packaging: Unknown

Pegable: Unknown

Shelvable: Unknown

Display Type: Unknown

Display Size: Unknown

Battery Type: None

Age Group: 5+

Master Qty: 12

Inner Qty: 6

UPC Code: 775178833551

UPC Code on Product: Unknown

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