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Zibits Action Defense

Item #: 102250

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The Action Defense Sets are full of excitement. Defend against the evil blurge with the defense atomicopter. Launch the Atompicopter. Defend against the Evil Blurge. Includes a Drone Zibit. Drives forward and spins. Comes with 1 accessory piece, 1 zibit drone and z-mote, 2 ramps and 3 blurge. With zibits you control the world.

Product Size: Unknown

Package Size: Unknown

Package Type: Window Box

Bilingual Packaging: Unknown

Pegable: Yes

Shelvable: Unknown

Display Type: Unknown

Display Size: Unknown

Battery Type: None

Age Group: 6+

Master Qty: 6

Inner Qty: 0

UPC Code: 083176343799

UPC Code on Product: Unknown

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