About Us

It was 1989 when brothers/partners Trevor & Kevin Misch started selling the healthy snack "Whonos", but from humble beginnings evolved today's World Wonders. They have developed a niche in today's market as a leading supplier of unique gift, toy and offbeat novelty to Canada's retail, corporate and ad spec industries.

The common thread through World Wonders products is the "X" factor, that certain something that immediately grabs your attention, causes you to laugh out loud or makes you look twice. Our products are unique, whimsical and practical; with many items from around the world that have been introduced to the Canadian market through World Wonders. Some past hot sellers have been "Billy the Talking Bass", "SkyhawkUFO Remote Control Flying Saucer" and "Buck the Animated Deer".

Our product line-up started with just a few items and now boasts over a 2600 products and growing. To keep up with retailer demand, we are constantly on the lookout for fresh product which we feature under our "Hot New Product" and "Top 25 Products" lists on this site.

World Wonders distributes from coast to coast in various retail environments such as toy & game stores, sports stores, drug stores, museums, gift shops and tourist areas. We also work with corporate clients and ad spec companies looking for large quantities of any given item. Some of our more illustrious clients have been Mark's Work Warehouse, Mastermind Educational, Sportchek and Scholar's Choice.

So if you are looking for the latest thing or the tried and true, World Wonders is dedicated to supplying Canada's gift, novelty and toy industry with the coolest and newest products.

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